The Process

We use a nuno felting process, which means using natural fibers, such as silk or cotton combined with roving, unspun yarn.

For us, creating the art goes something like this...

Dreaming up a design plan and layering various textures of fabric, natural fibers, and roving until our composition is complete. Next, the piece is dampened with an extra fine mist of water and the right amount of soap to allow the fibers to begin to fuse together. The piece is rubbed and rubbed until just the right moment. It's not clear what's in that moment, it's something of a taxtile feel mixed with intuition! Now the piece is thrown until the fibers are fused as desired. The last step is a rinsing before we're able to stand back and witness the magic that has occurred. A common expression after the piece is complete is "NOW this is our VERY favorite!"

Dying our own silk has fast become our newest passion. Like felting there is so much mystery in every newly dyed piece and it is magical and so much fun to experience!

Our process and artform takes time which allows us to infuse energy into every piece assuring each one is unique and ready for its story to unfold. We're privileged to be part of the scarves' lives and the lives of those who wear them!

Care Instructions:

We use lots of soap and water, so feel free to hand wash your piece in warm water with mild soap when needed. Add some love. Hang to dry. Iron if needed. Admire. And most of all, ENJOY. Our one of a kind pieces make great companions and they love adventure!